Friday, December 28, 2007

almost ready


bought the favours for amir's birthday at toys r us today. luckily the theme amir chose had everything from invitation cards, favour bags to soundmakers and party hats.

also bought paper plates. i was contemplating whether to get shida to make cupcakes again but it'll be difficult for the children to eat. so i'll get a mickey mouse cake from king's confectionary at giant on the day. need to order it first. a 1kg cake would be enough this time. should i get snacks as well, maybe nuggets and fries?

surprisingly the soon-to-be birthday boy didnt protest too much when i told him i want to keep the things in the cupboard...

Sunday, December 23, 2007

turning three


amir will be 3 in just over 2 weeks time. he's grown so much and so fast. i remember clearly the day i found out i was pregnant with him and throughout the pregnancy of how easy it was (not knowing what to expect since he was my first). i even remember the delivery, the nurse's name was jun.

i was overjoyed at being a mummy that i followed my instinct and quit my job. i stayed home to take care of amir & experience the ups and downs of motherhood. it was wonderful...i never felt more fulfilled. amir & i did everything together from cleaning the house (he watched from his bouncing chair) to cooking (he watched from his bumbo) to shopping and eating out (he behaved in his stroller).

amir's first birthday was a grand occasion. we chose football as a theme. we invited all our friends and relatives, the turnout was more than 100 people. amir's second birthday was celebrated with tiza, who turned the big three-oh the same month. we had a barbeque dinner at tssc's house.

for amir's third birthday, i plan to have a small party with his friends. now that he's schooling, he has a handful of friends that he constantly talk about. i'm sure he'd love spending his birthday with them. i gave him a few choices for the theme and he chose "mickey mouse". lucky for us, there's a few mickey mouse favours at toys r us.

amir's really looking forward to his party. he's been talking about "happy birthday to you mickey mouse" everytime he sees mickey. and i'm looking forward to celebrating his day with him.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

all about me


age - 2 years, 11 months, 14 days
weight - 12kg
height - 85cm

date - 8 january 2005
time - 2:55pm
place - damansara specialist hospital

tooth - 10 january 2005
smile - 30 january 2005
slept through the night - 29 april 2005
waved - 9 december 2005
walked - 15 march 2006
dressed - 3 october 2007