Thursday, July 17, 2008

3 and a half


amir turned 3 and a half years this month. he's grown so much and learned so much.

he knows so many songs from school - some i know, some i cant get. his songs usually comes with all kinds of body movement. sometimes when i make similar movement, we would associate with a song and would start singing.

not just songs, he knows several doas as well - again, some i know, some i just cant understand.

he's getting to be very whiny. if he doesnt get his daytime nap and if he's waken up wrongly in the morning, he would start whining and crying.

he can write pretty ok. not that nice (his twos and threes are terrible, in fact) but he tries and it shows. hubby says amir writes better than any of us did when we were his age;

he's a tv addict. he would run from afar when he hears the mickey mouse clubhouse or thomas theme song;

he's very appreciative and that makes all the hard work put in worth it. when he eats, he would repeatedly go "ummmmm...sedapnya mummy masak". there are times he would say "cantiknya baju mummy" or "lawanya rambut mummy" or "cantiknya plate amir";

he knows working clothes and is very alert of the clothes we're wearing. if we're wearing casual clothes, he takes that as a sign of not going to school;

he knows the difference between big and small, left and right, up and down, and straight. when in the car, hubby would ask - where do we go next, left or right or straight. most of the time he gets it correct;

he can take water from the fridge and put in his cup. usually he would do it when we return from school as mummy si busy with preparing the bags for the next day and daddy is busy with bringing asyraf and ariff into the house;

although he's no longer wearing diapers during the day, we still experience accidents, unfortunately. i'm hoping to start his diaper-less night this weekend. amir's not into wearing diapers anymore so that's a sign i should start;
saturdays are his alone time with hubby. almost every saturday hubby will take him to giant and he's come to expect their weekly trips. hubby says he knows where to go once they reach giant - the cd stall to get more thomas;

he still sucks his 2 fingers.