Thursday, February 26, 2009

4 years old


amir turned 4 last month. he's going through a lot of changes and development.

- at his last check up, he weighs 14kg;

- he's now in pra-tadika 2; his teacher is cikgu fatim;

- fatim says amir daydreams a lot, he's a bit on the lazy side and needs to be called to do work;

- his vocabulary has increased so much;

- he brings back work from school - in the form of songs, prayers, actions and even selawat;

- he's a good story teller (or a newscaster depending on which side you look at it);

- he can tell so many stories about what happened in school and i bet he tells people what happens at home too;

- he 'expects' now...when we ask questions we must ask everything because he will wait until everything he expects to be asked has been asked (when we ask how was he at school, how was asyraf in school...he'll wait until we ask how was ariff in school even though we dont want to ask);

- everything comes in four - amir, asyraf, ariff & baby a**** (no one is left out for him);

- he's getting very stubborn - our 'no' is always followed by his 'nak jugak';

- he can really test his daddy's patience - weekends are filled with smacks and locking in the room;

- he's got so much energy that its sad he cant do a lot of things during the weekend (we are not up to it);

- he's a big eater and loves to try new food;

- he can bathe by himself even with the door closed;

- he's very choosy with his clothes - irritating attribute this is;

- he remembers well - when asked why he was angry yesterday, he can recall which incident prefectly;

- dont ever make promises with him because he'll remember;

- he's very close with ariff (for now) but we think he'll be closer to asyraf when he gets older;

- he's beginning to grasp the difference between boys and girls - mummy is a girl and mummy cant have short hair.

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