Thursday, May 8, 2008

at 40 months


amir knows what he wants, especially when it comes to clothes and toys. he would fuss when i put on what i've chosen for him. sometimes he would keep quiet and go along but once he's left alone in his room he would take off what i've put on him and put on whatever clothes he wants.

he also knows what toys he wants. he would rummage his toy chest to look for james, or car tiza, or barney, or doraemon, or bob.

he is now using baby talk, which i really hate. i think he picked it up at school.

he has a love-hate relationship with asyraf. extremely violent when they are put together...they would hit and kick and punch and slap. but when they're away from each other, they would start to ask about one another.

he knows his abc-s and 123-s. hopefully he can read soon.

his teacher has been complaining that amir's very lazy. its tough with him. even at home he would ignore hubby and i when we talk to him, getting him to do things needs reminding 3-4 times before he actually does them.

he's slowly starting to sleep late and wake up late. sometimes when the tv and lights are switched off, he's still awake.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

pics at bukit tinggi


only photos...

when we got home...