Saturday, January 19, 2008

at 3 years old


he never stops talking. he would talk the moment he opens his eyes every morning and will only stop when he's about to fall asleep;

he would say everything he wants in one breath. then he would gasp for air;

he knows to say wait now. whenever i want him to bathe or eat or go to sleep, he would say "mummy, wait first..." "i have to do this first...";

he loves to play in the back yard with the neighbours but he's very possesive of his toys. he would kick his ball then run to collect it back. if someone touches his ball, he would scream "that's mine!!";

almost every sentence ends with "nanti"...amir pedas nanti, amir jatuh nanti, asyraf bangun nanti, ariff nangis nanti;

his best friend in school is haziq. haziq goes to the new school with him, they were both from the old school. when i dropped him off this morning, haziq was at the front door, calling out his name. as soon as amir walked in the house, haziq pulled his hand and said...jom lahhhh;

he knows not to disturb me when i'm driving. he now sits in the front passanger seat while ariff sits at the back. he used to touch the handbrake, the radio, the aircond. but once i threatened to leave him by the roadside with voldemort he stopped. now everytime he sits in his car seat, he would cling on to his water and cookies;

he's such a big eater. he can eat 2 bowls of rice but is still so skinny;

still being toilet-trained but he's slowly learning to say he wants to doo doo. i think i want to start a reward system;

he can be rough with asyraf...pushing him, throwing toys at him...but once asyraf cries, he would go to comfort him.

a few pictures of him recently...

Sunday, January 13, 2008



had 2 parties for amir this year (1 i planned, 1 tiza & tisu surprised him)

on the night of his birthday, tiza and tisu came over bringing 5 cupcakes, 1 with a mickey mouse. we sang the birthday song and amir blew out the candle. it was short and sweet (the boys needed to sleep by 10pm)

on friday, i brought the cake i ordered, with bags of noisemakers, party hats and balloons as well as a container of nuggets to amir's old school. had a small party with his friends and teachers. his friends were scared of me at first. but after blowing the first balloon they slowly came wanting a balloon each.

next year...what to do?

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

amir is three


amir turns three today. three years of torturing mummy with his antics, with his constant talking, with his non-stop asking for mikut and water, with his cheekiness, with his pushing asyraf when he feels like it, with his kicking in his sleep, with his still not toilet trained bum bum...

amir has achieved so much. so many things that we thought he could not do yet, not old enough to do. he has lots of doa stored in his head, he knows the ABC, the 123, he knows animal, he knows cartoon characters, he remembers songs, he remembers scripts from shows.

seems like yesterday when he looked like this...

and this...

and this...

and now he's like this...