Wednesday, October 8, 2008

3 years & 9 months


for a while amir couldnt write properly. yes, i know he's still small, no need to push him. we didnt. we just followed his progress from his exam papers in school. his teacher did note down that he should practise his writing skills more, so we bought him dot-to-dot alphabet and number books. he was more interested in colouring (that too, wasnt great). but now we noticed that he's getting better. he can also write numbers and alphabets freely, without the help of dots and lines.

his performance in school is getting better. during his last exam he got number 7 out of 16, with a total percentage of 82%. not bad. he's still very playful and wont concentrate in class, but we hope it'll get better.

he is still the naughty older brother. he doesnt create much havoc in school but is forever disturbing asyraf & amir, especially when they get together before the parents come and pick them up. he was once asked to sit in a corner by his teacher because he's always picking on his younger brothers.

amir's getting quite dependable and can be relied upon, especially when we go out. he can sit quietly and eat while we eat. he would also entertain ariff when ariff gets restless.

he would also accompany me when we get home late and i have to run around in the kitchen preparing things for the next day and cleaning up before we go off to bed.

daytime nap is a chore for him. its difficult to get amir to sleep during the day. unless hubby sleeps with him and it has to be in tiza's room, ie no tv to distract him. if not, he wouldnt close his eyes for a second.

amir's still skinny as ever but he's getting taller. his face has also changed, according to hubby. one more year in his current school, then we'll probably change him to the kindy near the house. we want him to interact with children who may be his classmates in standard one for a year or two so that he wouldnt feel out of place when he enters primary school.