Wednesday, October 8, 2008

3 years & 9 months


for a while amir couldnt write properly. yes, i know he's still small, no need to push him. we didnt. we just followed his progress from his exam papers in school. his teacher did note down that he should practise his writing skills more, so we bought him dot-to-dot alphabet and number books. he was more interested in colouring (that too, wasnt great). but now we noticed that he's getting better. he can also write numbers and alphabets freely, without the help of dots and lines.

his performance in school is getting better. during his last exam he got number 7 out of 16, with a total percentage of 82%. not bad. he's still very playful and wont concentrate in class, but we hope it'll get better.

he is still the naughty older brother. he doesnt create much havoc in school but is forever disturbing asyraf & amir, especially when they get together before the parents come and pick them up. he was once asked to sit in a corner by his teacher because he's always picking on his younger brothers.

amir's getting quite dependable and can be relied upon, especially when we go out. he can sit quietly and eat while we eat. he would also entertain ariff when ariff gets restless.

he would also accompany me when we get home late and i have to run around in the kitchen preparing things for the next day and cleaning up before we go off to bed.

daytime nap is a chore for him. its difficult to get amir to sleep during the day. unless hubby sleeps with him and it has to be in tiza's room, ie no tv to distract him. if not, he wouldnt close his eyes for a second.

amir's still skinny as ever but he's getting taller. his face has also changed, according to hubby. one more year in his current school, then we'll probably change him to the kindy near the house. we want him to interact with children who may be his classmates in standard one for a year or two so that he wouldnt feel out of place when he enters primary school.

Friday, September 19, 2008

recent pictures


here there and everywhere...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

3 and a half


amir turned 3 and a half years this month. he's grown so much and learned so much.

he knows so many songs from school - some i know, some i cant get. his songs usually comes with all kinds of body movement. sometimes when i make similar movement, we would associate with a song and would start singing.

not just songs, he knows several doas as well - again, some i know, some i just cant understand.

he's getting to be very whiny. if he doesnt get his daytime nap and if he's waken up wrongly in the morning, he would start whining and crying.

he can write pretty ok. not that nice (his twos and threes are terrible, in fact) but he tries and it shows. hubby says amir writes better than any of us did when we were his age;

he's a tv addict. he would run from afar when he hears the mickey mouse clubhouse or thomas theme song;

he's very appreciative and that makes all the hard work put in worth it. when he eats, he would repeatedly go "ummmmm...sedapnya mummy masak". there are times he would say "cantiknya baju mummy" or "lawanya rambut mummy" or "cantiknya plate amir";

he knows working clothes and is very alert of the clothes we're wearing. if we're wearing casual clothes, he takes that as a sign of not going to school;

he knows the difference between big and small, left and right, up and down, and straight. when in the car, hubby would ask - where do we go next, left or right or straight. most of the time he gets it correct;

he can take water from the fridge and put in his cup. usually he would do it when we return from school as mummy si busy with preparing the bags for the next day and daddy is busy with bringing asyraf and ariff into the house;

although he's no longer wearing diapers during the day, we still experience accidents, unfortunately. i'm hoping to start his diaper-less night this weekend. amir's not into wearing diapers anymore so that's a sign i should start;
saturdays are his alone time with hubby. almost every saturday hubby will take him to giant and he's come to expect their weekly trips. hubby says he knows where to go once they reach giant - the cd stall to get more thomas;

he still sucks his 2 fingers.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

at 40 months


amir knows what he wants, especially when it comes to clothes and toys. he would fuss when i put on what i've chosen for him. sometimes he would keep quiet and go along but once he's left alone in his room he would take off what i've put on him and put on whatever clothes he wants.

he also knows what toys he wants. he would rummage his toy chest to look for james, or car tiza, or barney, or doraemon, or bob.

he is now using baby talk, which i really hate. i think he picked it up at school.

he has a love-hate relationship with asyraf. extremely violent when they are put together...they would hit and kick and punch and slap. but when they're away from each other, they would start to ask about one another.

he knows his abc-s and 123-s. hopefully he can read soon.

his teacher has been complaining that amir's very lazy. its tough with him. even at home he would ignore hubby and i when we talk to him, getting him to do things needs reminding 3-4 times before he actually does them.

he's slowly starting to sleep late and wake up late. sometimes when the tv and lights are switched off, he's still awake.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

pics at bukit tinggi


only photos...

when we got home...

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

at 39 months


amir's such a big boy now. he speaks clearly, with all kinds of expression, tones and hand and body gestures.

amir converses mainly in malay. he understands english fairly well but is not able to put together questions and replies. its ok, in a couple of years he'll be attending english pre-school.

he understands the concept of tomorrow. he knows his ABC (which is pretty surprising to us). he knows Z very well. if he points and sings the ABC, he will get excited nearing Z and will shout out 'zeddddd..."

he's still sucking 2 fingers to a point where they are shrinking. the only way to stop is to mention his teacher's name (cikgu sally) or to say we'll send him to the police. he's scared of the police as much as he's scared of voldermort.

he scolds asyraf in the funniest way. he would mumble away and we can only asyraf ni in the beginning...and abang long at the end. complete with folded arms for effect.

he eats like a horse but people keep commenting on how thin he is. after he went back to school subsequent to his discharge, i asked the teacher if he was eating. she replied, yes...he even had seconds.

its difficult to wake him up in the morning. maybe because he sleeps later now. 1030 instead of the normal 10pm bedtime. to keep him from crying and throwing a tantrum in the morning, we have to pretend he's the baby and carry him downstairs. he cant be rushed and he cant be forced.

toilet training is almost 80% complete. accidents happen after a long car trip (ie after we reach home from school), late at night after dinner and early mornings once he gets up. other than that, he's getting the hang of it.

amir's sports day is next weekend and his exams are in may. wow...sports day and exams. such a big boy.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

the week after


a week ago he was all weak in the hospital. now he's up and about, reagining his health, strength and weight.

Monday, March 10, 2008

the eldest


what is the eldest to do, if not to disturb his younger siblings.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

recent photos


amir the past few weekends...

Saturday, January 19, 2008

at 3 years old


he never stops talking. he would talk the moment he opens his eyes every morning and will only stop when he's about to fall asleep;

he would say everything he wants in one breath. then he would gasp for air;

he knows to say wait now. whenever i want him to bathe or eat or go to sleep, he would say "mummy, wait first..." "i have to do this first...";

he loves to play in the back yard with the neighbours but he's very possesive of his toys. he would kick his ball then run to collect it back. if someone touches his ball, he would scream "that's mine!!";

almost every sentence ends with "nanti"...amir pedas nanti, amir jatuh nanti, asyraf bangun nanti, ariff nangis nanti;

his best friend in school is haziq. haziq goes to the new school with him, they were both from the old school. when i dropped him off this morning, haziq was at the front door, calling out his name. as soon as amir walked in the house, haziq pulled his hand and said...jom lahhhh;

he knows not to disturb me when i'm driving. he now sits in the front passanger seat while ariff sits at the back. he used to touch the handbrake, the radio, the aircond. but once i threatened to leave him by the roadside with voldemort he stopped. now everytime he sits in his car seat, he would cling on to his water and cookies;

he's such a big eater. he can eat 2 bowls of rice but is still so skinny;

still being toilet-trained but he's slowly learning to say he wants to doo doo. i think i want to start a reward system;

he can be rough with asyraf...pushing him, throwing toys at him...but once asyraf cries, he would go to comfort him.

a few pictures of him recently...

Sunday, January 13, 2008



had 2 parties for amir this year (1 i planned, 1 tiza & tisu surprised him)

on the night of his birthday, tiza and tisu came over bringing 5 cupcakes, 1 with a mickey mouse. we sang the birthday song and amir blew out the candle. it was short and sweet (the boys needed to sleep by 10pm)

on friday, i brought the cake i ordered, with bags of noisemakers, party hats and balloons as well as a container of nuggets to amir's old school. had a small party with his friends and teachers. his friends were scared of me at first. but after blowing the first balloon they slowly came wanting a balloon each.

next year...what to do?

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

amir is three


amir turns three today. three years of torturing mummy with his antics, with his constant talking, with his non-stop asking for mikut and water, with his cheekiness, with his pushing asyraf when he feels like it, with his kicking in his sleep, with his still not toilet trained bum bum...

amir has achieved so much. so many things that we thought he could not do yet, not old enough to do. he has lots of doa stored in his head, he knows the ABC, the 123, he knows animal, he knows cartoon characters, he remembers songs, he remembers scripts from shows.

seems like yesterday when he looked like this...

and this...

and this...

and now he's like this...