Tuesday, April 8, 2008

at 39 months


amir's such a big boy now. he speaks clearly, with all kinds of expression, tones and hand and body gestures.

amir converses mainly in malay. he understands english fairly well but is not able to put together questions and replies. its ok, in a couple of years he'll be attending english pre-school.

he understands the concept of tomorrow. he knows his ABC (which is pretty surprising to us). he knows Z very well. if he points and sings the ABC, he will get excited nearing Z and will shout out 'zeddddd..."

he's still sucking 2 fingers to a point where they are shrinking. the only way to stop is to mention his teacher's name (cikgu sally) or to say we'll send him to the police. he's scared of the police as much as he's scared of voldermort.

he scolds asyraf in the funniest way. he would mumble away and we can only catch...eh asyraf ni in the beginning...and abang long at the end. complete with folded arms for effect.

he eats like a horse but people keep commenting on how thin he is. after he went back to school subsequent to his discharge, i asked the teacher if he was eating. she replied, yes...he even had seconds.

its difficult to wake him up in the morning. maybe because he sleeps later now. 1030 instead of the normal 10pm bedtime. to keep him from crying and throwing a tantrum in the morning, we have to pretend he's the baby and carry him downstairs. he cant be rushed and he cant be forced.

toilet training is almost 80% complete. accidents happen after a long car trip (ie after we reach home from school), late at night after dinner and early mornings once he gets up. other than that, he's getting the hang of it.

amir's sports day is next weekend and his exams are in may. wow...sports day and exams. such a big boy.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

the week after


a week ago he was all weak in the hospital. now he's up and about, reagining his health, strength and weight.